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SuperRack Proton Combo

Mix live with Waves plugins, network your audio across multiple mixing systems, and perform virtual soundchecks on your console with this affordable and portable kit, which easily fits into a carry-on.

This combo includes the Proton DSP server (see benchmarks below), an 8-port network switch, three Cat 6 network cables, the SuperRack SoundGrid application for running plugins on your console, and six must-have plugins for live mixing.
  • Mix shows with Waves plugins in real time and super-low latency (see benchmarks below)
  • Process, record and soundcheck with Waves SoundGrid processing and networking technology
  • Includes SoundGrid Proton Server, SuperRack plugin host application, six Waves plugins, 8-Port network switch and three Cat 6 cables
  • Plugins Included: Waves Renaissance Axx, Renaissance Bass, Renaissance EQ, Renaissance Reverb, H-Delay and eMo D5 Dynamics
  • For live mixing consoles with Waves networking cards
  • Complete redundancy & recovery capabilities