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Nx Ocean Way Nashville + Nx Head Tracker

The Nx Ocean Way Nashville plugin replicates the acoustics and monitoring system of the famed Ocean Way Nashville Studios control rooms, in immersive spatial audio, over any pair of studio headphones. Head tracking with the Nx Head Tracker device enhances the plugin’s immersive realism.

With Nx Ocean Way Nashville, you have better reference for your mixes, anywhere, anytime – using any set of headphones. Mixes monitored on headphones via Nx Ocean Way will translate accurately to speaker systems, without the issues that often plague headphone mixes.

This combo also includes the Nx Head Tracker Bluetooth device, which attaches to your headphones and tracks your head movements with high precision. Whether used on its own or in conjunction with your webcam, the Nx Head Tracker enhances the immersive experience of being inside the original Ocean Way control rooms.
  • Headphone mixing plugin for better mixes on any set of headphones
  • Precision model of the famed Ocean Way Nashville studio control rooms
  • High-precision head tracking with the Nx Head Tracker
  • Check your mixes on Ocean Way Audio HR1 and HR5 monitors
  • Make better decisions on headphones about panning, mix depth, balance, reverb, the low end, and more
  • Powered by Waves Nx immersive spatial audio technology