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Nx Head Tracker 5-Pack

Help musicians deliver inspired performances by giving them better headphone monitor mixes: 5 Nx Head Trackers for use with the Nx Virtual Mix Room or Abbey Road Studio 3 plugin.

Having a comfortable headphone monitor mix is often what separates an average recording session from a great one. The Nx Head Trackers, combined with the Nx Virtual Mix Room or Abbey Road Studio 3 plugin, let you create maximally clear and detailed headphones mixes for as many as six musicians (or five musicians plus one engineer) at a time.

Nx Virtual Mix Room and Abbey Road Studio 3 are virtual monitoring plugins that simulate an acoustically treated control room inside any pair of headphones. Nx simulates an idealized mix room, while Abbey Road Studio 3 recreates the exact acoustic qualities of the original Abbey Road Studio 3 control room. Together with the Nx Head Trackers, these plugins deliver a spacious, three-dimensional headphone sound that recreates the experience of listening to monitors in an actual room.

With Nx, recording musicians can enjoy a more open, uncluttered mix, with more clarity and separation. Singers can hear themselves better and have an easier time singing in tune. All musicians can hear their playing more clearly in the context of the mix and deliver more natural performances.

To send Nx headphone monitor mixes to up to six people, each with an Nx Head Tracker, simply create an aux buss for each monitor mix, and insert the Nx Virtual Mix Room plugin on each buss (see detailed instructions).

With more detail and depth than ever, the Nx Head Trackers combined with the Nx plugin provide the optimal headphone experience during recording sessions.
  • Improve headphone monitoring while recording
  • Get better performances from singers and musicians by providing clearer, fuller headphone monitor mixes
  • For use with the Nx Virtual Mix Room or Abbey Road Studio 3 plugin
  • Up to 6 musicians and engineers can use Nx at the same time