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Nx Head Tracker 5-Pack

Create the optimal headphone experience when recording
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Improve Performances, with Better Headphone Mixes


Waves Nx plugins simulate the sound of an acoustically treated control room, while listening on standard headphones. Together with the Nx Head Trackers, musicians experience a 3D headphone sound that recreates the open, uncluttered sound of listening to monitors in an actual room.

Send Nx headphone monitor mixes to musicians with Nx Head Trackers, and they’ll all hear themselves playing clearly in the same realistic—and inspiring—world-class studio space.

  • Improve the sound of headphone monitoring while recording
  • Bluetooth 4.0 BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) wireless connection
  • The sonic clarity encourages better performances
  • Compatible with all Waves virtual studio plugins
  • Package includes five Head Trackers
  • Musicians feel like they’re in a real room, thanks to the 3D soundfield
  • 5 people can use Nx at the same time to monitor the same session
  • Headphones can now improve the creative process, not impede it
  • Head Tracker attaches discretely to the headphone headband
  • Bands hear themselves actually playing together in a virtual studio
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