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JoeCo BlackBox SoundGrid Recorder — BBSG24MP

SoundGrid-enabled I/O and recorder with 24 superb-quality mic/line inputs, 24 line outputs and two headphone outs. Record or play back up to 24 audio channels with a switchable recording source: SoundGrid network or local analog inputs.

Specifically designed with live sound in mind, as an I/O device for the eMotion LV1 live mixer or any other SoundGrid host application such as MultiRack or SoundGrid Studio.

The BlackBox SoundGrid Recorder offers 24 bidirectional SoundGrid channels alongside 24-in/24-out analog channels and two headphone outputs. Each input channel features mic/line, gain, 48V, pad, phase-invert, HPF, and limiter controls which are available in the control panel accessed via the SoundGrid host application.

Using the BBSG24MP, you don't need two separate computers at FOH, one for running the mixer and one for recording. The BBSG24MP can serve as both the recording device and the FOH I/O for monitoring, playback and talkback.

In standalone mode, the BBSG24MP is utilized as a playback/recording device using only its analog I/Os, and doesn't have to be connected to a SoundGrid network. In this mode, the device is operated using its touch-sensitive front control panel.
  • Designed specifically for live sound
  • SoundGrid I/O: 24 bidirectional channels
  • Analog I/O: 24 in/out; 2 headphone outs
  • Record/play back up to 24 channels @ 96kHz/24bit
  • Per channel controls: mic/line, gain, 48V, pad, phase, HPF, and limiter
  • Standalone operation mode
  • Touch-sensitive control panel
  • Compact, 1U rack-mountable

Requires a SoundGrid audio interface driver installed in order to function. To install the driver, follow these steps.