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SuperRack SoundGrid Extreme-C Combo for Yamaha RIVAGE PM Consoles

Add extensive processing to RIVAGE PM series consoles
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Run Waves Plugins in Real Timeon Yamaha RIVAGE PM Consoles

Mix, record, and soundcheck with up to 128 audio channels using Waves’ award-winning reverbs, EQ, compressors, limiters, delays and more—with nearly no latency. The Extreme-C SoundGrid Server provides the DSP muscle, while the WSG-HY128 card connects to your Yamaha console’s I/O.

The package also includes the Waves SuperRack SoundGrid live plugin rack, which can host up to 8 of Waves’ award-winning plugins per channel. The combo comes with a Waves-approved 8-port network switch and three Waves-approved Cat 6 cables for reliable connectivity.

This combo includes 1 full year of the Waves Essential plugin subscription, which includes 110 industry-leading plugins for your live mix. (Annual subscription, automatically renewed: first year free, regular annual subscription fee afterwards. Cancel anytime to stop renewal the following year).

  • Run Waves plugins in real time on Yamaha RIVAGE PM consoles
  • Includes the WSG-HY128 I/O card, and Extreme-C SoundGrid Server
  • Includes 1 year of Waves Essential plugin subscription (110 plugins)
  • Mix, record, and soundcheck with Waves’ high-quality processing
  • SuperRack SoundGrid application runs plugins live on your console
  • Each mixer channel can host up to 8 SoundGrid-compatible plugins
  • 128 channels of audio at 44.1/48 kHz, 64 channels at 88.2/96 kHz
  • Includes a Waves-approved 8-port network switch
  • Includes three Waves-approved Cat 6 network cables
  • 24-bit sample resolution at all sample rates
  • Complete redundancy and recovery capabilities