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Dual Rack Mounting System for 1U Half-Rack SoundGrid Devices

Rack shelf and ears for two half-rack 1U SoundGrid devices
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T Securely House Half-Rack 1U SoundGrid Devices


To protect and transport crucial gear, rack-mounting remains the preferred option. This custom-made, rack-mounting system includes two rack ears and a connecting plate. These hold two 1U half-rack SoundGrid servers side-by-side, for rack-mounting into a standard 19” rack frame.

The size and fit of this sturdy, all-metal mounting system is compatible with new models of the Axis Proton, Proton SoundGrid Server, and Proton Duo, of models ordered after February 2022.

  • Fits two half-rack SoundGrid servers side-by-side
  • Sturdy, roadworthy, industrial-level build quality
  • 1U shelf mounts into all standard 19" rack frames
  • Cutouts on the tray’s bottom provide proper airflow to servers