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CA3000-MX Commercial Audio Mixer

Mix superior audio in single-and multi-zone AV installations
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Comes with a free 1-year warranty. Extended warranties available.

Mix Stellar Audio in Commercial Installations with Full Waves Plugin Integration

Waves CA3000-MX handles any single-room or multi-zone installation that demands stellar audio quality and advanced processing flexibility. Integrators can set up installed audio in corporate, commercial, government, educational, and house-of-worship settings, with their choice of Waves’ acclaimed plugins and processing technology.

CA3000-MX couples a powerful DSP engine and an install-ready version of the Waves eMotion LV1 mixer, with up to 32 stereo ins, 24 stereo aux mix outs and L/R/C/M outs, and a 12x8 stereo matrix.

CA3000-MX integrates easily with standard ASIO audio device drivers and with Dante® Virtual Soundcard (DVS) audio networking.

  • Studio-grade audio processing quality for AV installation projects
  • Includes install-ready version of the Waves eMotion LV1 mixer
  • Integrates easily with your choice of preamps, mics, line sources, amps, and speakers
  • Compatible with both Dante® (via 1Gb Ethernet port) and ASIO (via USB or Ethernet)
  • Windows 10, Dante Virtual Soundcard (DVS) included
  • Two versions available, with 32 or 16 mono/stereo inputs
  • Up to 24 stereo aux mix and L/R/C/M outputs
  • Integrates with optional Dugan Speech automixer
  • Mixer software incorporates 12x8 mono/stereo matrix
  • Supports integrator addition of Waves plugins
  • Delivers broadcast-quality audio processing for online streaming
  • Includes 4 eMo plugins: F4 filter, D5 dynamics, Q4 EQ, Generator
  • Compatible with USB or Ethernet ASIO audio interfaces
  • Control customized settings remotely with mRecall mobile app
  • Compatible with industry-standard controllers, including Waves FIT
  • Rugged, half-width, 2U rack- or surface-mount chassis

Product Options

  • studioverse
    CA3000-MX 16
    • 16 mono/stereo input channels
    • 8 mono/stereo aux mix
    • L/R main mix
    • 12x8 mono/stereo matrix
    • ASIO support
    • Audinate Dante Virtual Soundcard (DVS)
    • Plugins included: eMo D5 Dynamics, eMo F2 Filter, eMo Q4 Equalizer, eMo Generator
  • studioverse
    CA3000-MX 32
    • 32 mono/stereo input channels
    • 8 stereo groups
    • Up to 24 mono/stereo aux mix
    • L/R/C/M main mix
    • 12x8 mono/stereo matrix
    • ASIO support
    • Audinate Dante Virtual Soundcard (DVS)
    • Plugins included: eMo D5 Dynamics, eMo F2 Filter, eMo Q4 Equalizer, eMo Generator

Bring Professional-Level Sound to Any Live Environment

  • Mix and Process in AV Installations

    The Waves CA3000-MX is ideal for any single-room or multi-zone installation that demands superior audio quality and flexibility, thanks to the powerful DSP engine and an install-ready version of the Waves eMotion LV1 mixer.

    Features: Glue Mixes without “Squashing”
  • Add Plugins to Solve Any Audio Challenges

    Integrators can add the same Waves plugins used by broadcasters, recording studios, and major live shows worldwide, to customize the processing and solve any audio issue—from feedback suppression, dynamic control, and source leveling, to noise reduction, acoustic response, and streaming optimization.

  • Dugan Speech Automixing

    The optional Dugan Speech automixer controls multiple mic gains automatically, in real time, to reduce noise, feedback, and comb filtering from adjacent mics. It’s ideal for conferences, panel discussions, faith-based events, etc.

    Features: Fast and Efficient Operation
  • Flexible Mixing Configurations

    To handle installation requirements from multiple mics to streaming audio, the LV1 mixer supports up to 32 stereo inputs, 24 stereo aux mix outputs and L/R/C/M outs, and incorporates a 12x8 stereo matrix.

    Features: From Vocals to “The Ringo Drum Sound”
  • Lock Customized Presets for Safety

    End users can easily recall preconfigured, fully customized audio scene and snapshot settings using the mRecall iOS/Android-compatible mobile app. With this mRecall, there’s no need to have access to an equipment rack.

    Features: Multiple Modes Fit Different Material

Solution Example: House of Worship

Small and mid-size churches rely on volunteers to operate the sound system for services and events. These gatherings may include a variety of wired and wireless microphones, instruments, and media playback devices. In these installations, the final mix is usually sent to a main room PA system, an adjacent room or lobby area, and online streaming and digital recording devices.

A small church may only require a few inputs and outputs, but still desire professional quality sound reinforcement. Furthermore, a network-connected audio system may be too complex and add cost to a slim budget. Waves CA3000-MX provides integrators with a flexible and easy-to-use audio mixer that delivers outstanding sound quality for the on-site and online congregation. A standard ASIO driver and I/O box can be used to connect all audio equipment directly to the mixer.

The CA3000-MX also supports the FIT Controller which allows the volunteers to use a more traditional set of faders and knobs in addition to the touch screen capability of the LV1 mixer.

Integrators can program and save custom scenes based on the inputs and outputs needed, so that the volunteer operators can easily recall and use as needed for each event. An output bus can also be assigned and configured the streaming mix with a customized plugin processing chain that is optimized for online listening.

Solution Example: Corporate Presentation Room

Corporations and public utility providers have on-site presentation rooms that not only serve a local audience, but also support online streaming of the sessions. These presentations may feature one or more speakers, and often include discussion panels with multiple participants. With a variety of people using microphones during the sessions, in addition to making the audio available to the online audience, it is important to minimize unwanted noise and feedback from the microphones that may be in use around the room.

The Waves CA3000-MX can be easily installed and configured by the integrator to meet the unique needs of the facility. For example, discussion panel mics can be routed to Dugan automatic mixing and processing (purchase option). The Dugan processing automatically controls the gains of multiple mics in real time to maintain a consistent output level across all mic channels and reduce feedback and cross-filtering effects from adjacent microphones. Other mics and playback systems can also be processed and routed in the mixer to provide the best audio quality to both the on-site PA and the online streaming channel.

Solution Example: Commercial Restaurant/Bar

Restaurants and bars install AV systems for a variety of purposes, but always desire to have consistent sound levels that can be easily set depending on the room area/zone or purpose. A typical installation will setup a primary zone that provides ambient background music for table guests, with additional zones serving separate areas such as bars, private rooms and kitchen/prep halls.

The Waves CA3000-MX gives integrators the choice of using standard ASIO audio interfaces or Dante® network audio devices in the room design. Smaller venues may benefit from the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of ASIO, while more complex installations with many zones may be better suited with network audio routing.

Audinate® is a registered trademark of Audinate Pty Ltd. Dante® is a registered trademark of Audinate Pty Ltd.