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CA2000 Commercial Audio DSP Engine

Advanced hardware/software solution for superior installed audio quality
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Easily Solve Audio Challenges in Commercial Installations


Waves CA2000 dramatically improves audio playback, enhances speech intelligibility, and delivers superior sound quality and clarity in any space—it’s ideal for solving common audio issues in corporate, commercial, government, educational, and house-of-worship installations.

CA2000 integrates easily into new or existing AV installations via ASIO audio interfaces, or Dante® audio networking. The compact, 2U half-rack enclosure can sit on a surface, or be rack-mounted.

  • Studio-grade processing for installed audio in commercial and public environments
  • Integrate easily with your choice of controllers, mics, amps & speakers using ASIO interfaces or Dante®
  • 21 professionally pre-configured and integrator-ready AV presets
  • Improves speech intelligibility without loss of tonality
  • Reduces background noise for handheld, lavalier, head-worn mics
  • Automatically suppresses mic feedback
  • Enhances and normalizes AV playback sources
  • Delivers broadcast-quality audio processing for online streaming
  • Compatible with USB or Ethernet ASIO audio interfaces
  • More processing power than the more compact CA1000
  • Integrator configuration via USB and HDMI/DisplayPort
  • Control customized settings remotely with mRecall mobile app
  • Rugged, half-width, 2U rack or surface mount chassis
  • Dante network connectivity with 1Gb Ethernet port (RJ45)
  • 1-year warranty
  • Windows 10, Dante Virtual Soundcard (DVS) included

Bring Professional-Level Sound to Any Environment

  • Solve Complex Sound Setups

    The CA1000 easily handles multi-microphone setups like discussion panels, faith-based services and functions, conferences, business meetings, and any other event involving several microphones and participants.

    Features: Glue Mixes without “Squashing”
  • Professionally Curated Presets for Clearer Audio

    21 presets solve challenges with playback quality, speech intelligibility, feedback elimination, voice processing without loss of tonality, and more. Integrators can customize the presets for unique room requirements.

  • Auto-Mix Multiple Mics Easily

    The included Dugan Speech automixer controls the gains of multiple mics automatically, in real time. This dramatically reduces noise, feedback, crosstalk, and comb filtering from adjacent microphones.

    Features: Fast and Efficient Operation
  • Flexible Configuration

    The CA1000 can process up to 16x16 bidirectional audio channels, based on the installation requirements—whether wireless mics, table mics, lectern/pulpit mics, media playback, and/or streaming audio.

    Features: From Vocals to “The Ringo Drum Sound”
  • Lock Customized Presets for Safety

    Installers can customize and lock CA1000 presets in distinct channels, groups, or zones, for optimum results based on the I/O, PA, and room. And with the mRecall mobile app, end users can control preconfigured audio settings.

    Features: Multiple Modes Fit Different Material
  • Power in a Compact Enclosure

    Designed for space-limited installations, the half-rack-width, 1U CA1000 can sit on a tabletop or other surface, or be rack-mounted. The front panel includes dual USB ports for easy connectivity.

    Features: Precision Modeled Transformers

Waves CA Presets

  • Speech Mic
  • Speech Mics w/ Dugan
  • Handheld Mic
  • Headworn Mic
  • Lav Mic
  • Lav Mics w/ Dugan
  • Gooseneck Mic
  • Gooseneck Mics w/ Dugan
  • QA Mic
  • Podcast Mic
  • Handheld Group
  • Lav Group
  • Mic Group
  • Playback Group
  • Main Out PA Generic
  • Podcast Mic
  • Main Out PA w/ Subs
  • Podcast Master
  • Podcast Mic Mix Out
  • Main Out Streaming 1
  • Main Out Streaming 2
  • Music Ducking Control

Solution Example: Government Community Room


Local and regional government members are engaging more with the public and meeting in community halls or auditoriums, as well as providing live online streaming of the meeting to their constituents. With a variety of people using microphones during the sessions, in addition to making the audio available to the online audience, it is important to minimize unwanted noise and feedback from the microphones that may be in use around the room.

The Waves CA DSP engine includes several processing presets for mic usage that the integrator can configure based on the needs of the facility. For example, each table mic can be routed to the Speech Mics w-Dugan preset in order to optimize each mic for use with panel speakers. This preset also features patented Dugan processing to automatically control the gains of multiple mics in real time to maintain a consistent output level across all mic channels and reduce feedback and cross-filtering effects from adjacent microphones. Audience Q&A mics can be routed to the Q&A Mic preset to address common challenges with “open mics” made available for use on the auditorium floor such as excessive low-end thumps & pops as well as feedback suppression.

If online streaming of the meeting is required, the audio meeting subgroup can be routed to the Waves CA engine for professional quality processing that includes built-in noise suppression and signal leveling to enhance and optimize the audio stream for remote, online listening.

Solution Example: Fitness Center/Gym


Waves CA products are uniquely suited to deliver the best quality audio to fitness centers and exercise rooms that aim to provide high-intensity workouts with concert-like sound to their clientele. These facilities typically have multiple instructors using a variety of playback devices and music tracks throughout the day. Oftentimes the AV system will rely on universal AGC settings for the playback inputs, and without adequate audio processing the amplified results can be disappointing with results such as a muddy bass and rhythm pushing overly compressed mid-range instruments into an undistinguishable wall of sound.

By integrating the Waves CA DSP engine into the AV design, selective routing of the playback source group and the main zone outputs can be configured to flow through Waves CA using an ASIO audio interface or the Dante network. On the DSP engine, the Waves CA Playback Group preset, paired with the Main Output processing preset enables the playback audio to be a true full-range sound experience at consistent audio levels for the entire workout.

Solution Example: Commercial Restaurant/Bar


Restaurants and bars install AV systems for a variety of purposes, but always desire to have consistent sound levels that can be easily set depending on the room area/zone or purpose. A typical installation will setup a primary zone that provides ambient background music for table guests, with additional zones serving separate areas such as bars, private rooms and kitchen/prep halls.

By adding the Waves CA DSP engine to the AV system design, the integrator can offer pristine sound quality throughout the establishment, no matter the volume levels that are used. In addition to the consistent playback levels, the Waves CA Music Ducking Control preset provides for an announcement mic channel to be added that automatically overrides and compresses the background music if needed by the business (such as routine or emergency announcements).