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CA1000 Commercial Audio DSP Engine

Professional DSP engine with built-in presets, enabling AV system integrators and installers to improve audio playback, enhance speech clarity, and deliver superior sound quality in a wide array of standard ASIO or Dante®-based AV installations.

Waves CA1000 is designed to dramatically improve audio quality and clarity in any space, solving common audio challenges in corporate, commercial, government, educational and house of worship installations. CA1000 integrates easily into new or existing AV installations with ASIO audio interfaces or through Dante® audio networking.

CA1000 includes 21 professionally curated audio processing presets that solve challenges with playback quality, speech intelligibility, feedback elimination, voice processing without loss of tonality, and more.

These presets are based on over two dozen low-latency Waves premium plugins, which can be further customized and stored by the integrator based on their unique room or zone requirements.

In addition to the individual presets, the CA1000 includes the Dugan Speech automixer. Powered by Dan Dugan's patented voice-activated process, Dugan Speech controls the gains of multiple microphones automatically and in real-time, dramatically reducing noise, feedback, and comb filtering from adjacent microphones. This capability offers integrators a superior solution for discussion panels, faith-based services and events, conferences, and any other event involving several microphones and participants.

AV installers and integrators can configure the CA1000 to process up to 16x16 bidirectional audio channels based on the installation requirements such as wireless mics, table mics, lectern/pulpit mics, media playback and streaming.

Each of the CA1000 presets can be customized and locked-in by the installer for individual channels, groups or zones, to deliver optimal results based on the IO, PA and room. End-users can easily control preconfigured audio settings using the mRecall mobile app.

Designed for space-limited installations, the CA1000 is surface or rack-mountable and occupies only ½ rack width, 1RU in height.

  • Studio-grade audio processing quality for AV installation projects
  • Integrate quickly with your choice of vendor audio controllers, mics and amplifiers/speakers using ASIO interfaces or Dante®
  • Over 16 professionally pre-configured and integrator-ready AV presets
  • Improves speech intelligibility without loss of tonality for many common microphones
  • Automatically suppresses mic feedback
  • Reduces background noise and improves sound quality for handheld, lavalier, head-worn and table stand microphones
  • Enhances and normalizes AV playback sources
  • Delivers broadcast-quality audio processing for online streaming
  • Control customized settings remotely with mRecall mobile app
  • ASIO interface: USB or Ethernet
  • Dante network connectivity: 1Gb Ethernet port (RJ45)
  • Integrator configuration: USB and HDMI/DisplayPort
  • Operating environment: Windows 10 and Dante Virtual Soundcard (DVS) included
  • Half-width, 1RU rack or surface mount chassis
  • 1-year warranty

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