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Burl Audio BMB4 SoundGrid Motherboard

Add Burl’s Mothership AD/DA converters to SoundGrid systems
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Expand SoundGrid with Burl Audio’sMothership Converters


The BMB4 Motherboard links SoundGrid’s power to the Burl Audio Mothership B16 or B80. The result: a flexible system with up to 64 channels of extremely low-latency audio networking, real-time monitoring with plugins, and plugin processing—all with matchless clarity and warmth.

Now, the Mothership’s elegant approach to AD/DA conversion—with discrete Class-A analog circuitry, proprietary input transformers, and op amp outputs—can join your SoundGrid network.

  • Add up to 64 SoundGrid channels in the Mothership B80
  • Process with SoundGrid-compatible plugins in real time
  • No PCIe card needed: Ethernet connects BMB4 directly to the CPU
  • For the Mothership B16, add up to 16 SoundGrid channels
  • 1 SoundGrid Ethernet port, 2 BNC Word Clock outs, 1 Word Clock in
  • Supports samples rates from 44.1 kHz to 96 kHz