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Audeze Mobius 3D Headphones

Also available bundled with the Nx and Nx + B360 plugins.


When using Mobius with the Nx or B360 plugins, head tracking is currently available via your computer camera or a Waves Nx Head Tracker.

Fully immersive cinematic 3D headphones, combining Audeze’s award-winning planar magnetic design with built-in Waves Nx technology for 3D audio on headphones, complete with integrated high-precision head tracking.

With fully integrated surround sound functionality and built-in head tracking provided by Waves Nx, Mobius produces a realistic, immersive sonic experience for gaming, music and more.

Designed with comfort in mind, Mobius come with fully replaceable contoured memory foam ear pads and an adjustable, durable memory-foam padded headband.

For VR/360 content creators, Mobius is also available bundled with the Waves 360 Ambisonics Tools (the Nx Virtual Mix Room and B360 Ambisonics Encoder plugins).
  • Fully customizable planar magnetic headphones (100 mm Planar Transducer)
  • Built-in Waves Nx technology for 3D audio, with precision head tracking, virtual room emulation, and 3D sound localization
  • Supports 2.0, 5.1, 7.1 3D Audio in real time
  • Supports Ambisonics for VR/AR content creation when bundled with the 360 Ambisonics Tools plugins
  • USB-C, USB-A, Analog (3.5 mm) and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Customizable anatomy calibration
  • 10+ hours of Battery Life