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Getting Started with the CLA MixHub Plugin

Feb 28, 2019 | 47,804 Views

In this video, learn the ins and outs of the CLA MixHub plugin: From its simple setup up in a mix session to the plugin’s signal flow, sound demos and workflow features. Also, you’ll see how to get more sizzle out of your snare, create fuzzed-up distorted bass tones and that classic sidechained pumping sound.

In this video:
0:15 – What is CLA MixHub?
0:56 – Quick Sound Demo on Guitars
1:26 – Setting up CLA MixHub in a DAW session
2:35 – CLA MixHub A/B on the Entire Mix
2:56 – Using the Ducker Mode
4:27 – Analog-Style Distortion: Explained
5:07 – CLA MixHub Signal Flow
5:41 – Console Distortion: Bass with Tailored Harmonic Excitement
6:54 – Console Distortion: Snare Bottom
8:12 – Workflow Feature: EQ Solo

Music: “Smoke Screen” by Project RnL