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Getting Started: Nx Ocean Way Headphone Mixing Plugin

Jan 24, 2021 | 47,284 Views

The Waves Nx Ocean Way Nashville plugin replicates the acoustics and monitoring system of the renowned Ocean Way studio control rooms, to deliver reliable stereo imaging, mix depth and low-end response over any pair of headphones.

It’s no secret. If you want GREAT sounding mixes, you need a GREAT sounding room to mix in – a luxury many of us don’t have. Mixing in an acoustically untreated bedroom – or even in a decent room with less-than-ideal acoustics – rarely inspires confidence. That’s why many choose to mix on headphones.

However, headphones struggle to deliver a true sense of mix depth or proper stereo imaging, similar to what our ears are used to experiencing when working with real monitors in a room. Also, low-end response is often inaccurate on headphones making it difficult for artists to dial in the perfect level of bass energy that can translate out in the real world. Reverb decisions are also extremely hard to get right on headphones, due to the lack of real room ambience.

What's the solution? Waves Nx Ocean Way Nashville, the latest in the Nx line of 3D audio plugin from Waves. Nx Ocean Way uses Waves Nx spatial audio technology to simulate the perfectly balanced control rooms at Ocean Way Nashville, a studio widely known for its pristine acoustic design combined with high-end Ocean Way Audio monitoring.

With Nx Ocean Way you can experience proper monitor-like stereo imaging, mix depth and low end response. You'll also find Nx Ocean Way can help you place effects (reverbs, delays, etc.) in a mix better over headphones.

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