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Garry Brown (Phish) on MultiRack

Jan 01, 2010 | 62,493 Views

One of the main advantages of Waves MultiRack is the ability to save snapshots for every song. Phish front-of-house engineer Garry Brown uses a laptop to run plugins for live sound, replacing effects racks and saving a lot of space. Garry gives us a glimpse into his FOH setup: He uses Waves C4 and Renaissance Compressor for bass guitar, with different settings for smaller rooms and large arenas. For piano, drums, and vocals, Garry uses TrueVerb, with snapshots for every song to fit the context of each mix. He also provides a great tip for mic’ing piano in a live sound situation: Using both pickups and mics for the piano, sending only the pickups to the reverb, to achieve a clean sound with less bleed from other onstage sound sources.