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Create Future Bounce: Codex Synth Tutorial + Free Preset

Apr 17, 2018 | 74,588 Views

Watch how to add LFO wobble to future bounce synth chords, as heard on recordings by Don Diablo, Louis the Child, and the Chainsmokers – without sidechaining or separate LFO plugins, using only the Codex Wavetable Synth.

Download this free preset for the Codex Wavetable Synth:

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To load this preset in the Codex plugin menu:

  1. Download the file: ‘’
  2. Extract and the .XPS preset file ‘lfo_wobble_chords.xps’ from the zip folder
  3. In the Codex plugin menu, Select ‘Load’
  4. ‘Open Preset File…’
  5. Find the location of the extracted .XPS preset file ‘lfo_wobble_chords.xps”
  6. Select ‘lfo_wobble_chords.xps’
  7. Click ‘Open’

To save this preset in your menu:

  1. Select ‘Save’ in the Codex plugin menu
  2. Select ‘Put into Preset Menu As…
  3. Choose the existing name or a new preset name
  4. Hit ‘Ok’