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F6 Floating-Band Dynamic EQ – Quick Demo

May 24, 2017 | 195,070 Views

Mixer Brad Divens (Kanye West, Enrique Iglesias) explains the concept of dynamic EQ and demos the F6 plugin in sidechaining and mid-side processing modes.

F6 is a dynamic equalizer with 6 floating, fully flexible bands that can be dragged and placed anywhere in the EQ spectrum, plus high and low pass filters. F6 also has advanced mid-side processing controls, external/internal and split/wide sidechain options, plus the ability to solo each EQ band and monitor it separately.

Each of F6’s six bands has precision equalization and dynamic controls that enable you to have your EQ settings kick in only when the dynamics of the track go beyond a certain threshold that you set. This makes the F6 perfect for situations where you want to EQ a trouble frequency, but only during part of the time – for example, only when the frequency you’re EQing is getting too loud.