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Waves SoundGrid 201 Certification Training
When: Friday, March 15, 2019 11:30 am - 01:30 pm CDT
615 Main Street Suite G1 Nashville, TN 37206
This event has ended.
Waves SoundGrid 201 Certification Training

We invite you to a SoundGrid training session to help you get familiar with SoundGrid systems for low-latency processing and networking, in the studio or live.

Waves offers three levels of SoundGrid training: an online introduction course (SoundGrid 101), in-depth setup training (SoundGrid 201) and advanced training providing expert knowledge of the system (SoundGrid 301).

SoundGrid 201 goes deep into the Waves SoundGrid system and covers networking, latency and how to set up any SoundGrid system, simple or complex.

Please note: SoundGrid 101 online certification is a prerequisite for taking the SoundGrid 201 course. Complete your SoundGrid 101 online certification here.

Doors open and refreshments at 11am.
Event from 11.30 am–1.30 pm.