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eMotion LV1 Tutorial 5.4: Show Window – Recall Safe

Feb 27, 2017 | 2,235 Views

Learn how to use the Recall Safe page to control and prevent function and parameter changes during scene recalls in the eMotion LV1 live mixing console.

The RECALL SAFE page is where you control what will change, and what will not change, when you recall a scene. Recall Safe is set for an entire session and will affect all scenes.

The Recall Safe panel is laid out just like the Scope section in the Scenes page.

Selections are organized by:

  • Channel functions and plugins
  • Input channels
  • Busses
  • Controls

Use these buttons to assign Recall Safe for individual items. Orange is Recall Safe, Grey is not. There’s an All/None button that selects and de-selects all parameters and channels.

The number of channels and busses shown in the Recall Safe panel depends on the mixer configuration size.

This part of the window is used to set recall safe for mixer functions. Mutes, faders and panners, routing, and similar controls are set here.
Use these eight buttons to set Recall Safe for a specific plugin rack position on every selected channel or buss. Any plugin in that rack position, in every mixer channel and regardless what kind of plugin it is, will be recall safe.

You can set Recall Safe for all instances of a category of plugins. Filters, EQs, or dynamics plugins can be recall safe, no matter which slot in the plugin racks.

This enables you to place these essential plugins anywhere you want in each channel’s signal flow, while still controlling their Recall Safe status.

You can also set the Dugan Speech Automixer parameters to recall safe.

The middle section of the page is where you set recall safe for the mixer channels. Busses and controls are set at the bottom of the Recall Safe panel.

A channel or buss or control that’s in Recall Safe mode will never change when a scene is recalled, regardless of the channel function settings. And, a selected function control is recall safe on all channels and busses, no matter which channels are set to Recall Safe and which aren’t.

When a channel is set to Recall Safe, you’ll see the word ‘SAFE’ below the channel name in the Top Bar. Channel Recall Safe can also be established in the Preset menu.

To ensure that I/O device preamp parameters are not modified with a scene change, select PREAMP in the Recall Safe page. This affects all preamp parameters: 48v, gain, and invert phase.
Matrix inputs can also be made recall safe.

A single instance of a specific plugin can be set to Recall Safe. This does not affect other instances of the plugin, or the same rack slot in other channels, just the plugin you’re setting.

Use the drop-down plugin menu in the Channel window to set a plugin to recall safe. There’s a small indicator on the plugin icon that says ‘SAFE’ when the plugin is Recall Safe.

In this lesson, we’ve learned how to use Recall Safe to prevent specified function, channels, busses, and controls from changing during scene changes. Unlike scene scope, where changes are managed on a scene-by-scene basis, Recall Safe parameters apply to an entire session.

Auto-save preferences are set in the Mixer Settings page. Here you can control the frequency of automatic saving.

In the next lessons we’ll learn about mixer configurations, display options as well as take a look at incorporating MIDI and external control devices.