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eMotion LV1 Tutorial 4.4: Mixer Window – Custom Layers

Mar 01, 2017 | 5,083 Views

Learn how to create customized channel combinations, and control different channel layers from one view in the eMotion LV1 live mixing console.

Every layer we’ve seen so far is made up one type of channel. Whether input channels, groups, auxes, masters, links, or all channels.

A custom layer enables you to create combinations of channels from a variety of layers. This lets you control of your choice of channels in one view, without having to change between mixer layers. There are eight custom layers per mixer window: eight in Mixer 1, and eight in Mixer 2.

To a make Custom layer, click the CUSTOM button and then choose one of the eight page buttons. Use the drop-down menu at the top of a channel strip to assign a channel to the strip.

Once a channel has been assigned, the drop-down menu will no longer appear. To access this menu from a populated channel strip, select Ctrl and then click on the top of the strip.

The channels in a custom layer can be organized in any order. Click and drag on the channel name at the top of a strip to re-arrange the view. There several other items in the drop-down menu:

  • None: Removes the selected channel from the custom layer.
  • Clear Page: Removes all channels from the custom layer.
  • Lock Strips: Prevents channel strips from being repositioned.
  • Copy from Factory Layer: Copies all of the channels of a mixer layer, and pastes them to the custom layer.
  • Optimize Layer Layout: Removes blank channels and moves all populated channels to the left.
  • Insert Empty Strip: Inserts a blank strip to the left of the selected populated strip.

Double-click on a Custom layer page selector button to rename the page.

Now you’ve seen all the eMotion LV1 mixer layers. At their most basic, layers are used to select what kind of channel you want to address.

In the next lessons, we’ll learn about the channel strips, where the channels are actually controlled..