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eMotion LV1 Tutorial 0.1 Intro – Welcome

Mar 01, 2017 | 19,756 Views

Welcome to the eMotion LV1 live mixing console video tutorials. This series of short lessons will teach you how to use the mixer in any live application.

eMotion LV1 is a software-based mixer for live applications: Front of house, monitor, broadcast, and more. It can have up to 128 inputs; 64 mono or stereo channels, and 36 mixing busses, with up to eight plugins on every channel or buss.

This series of tutorials will teach you how to use it.

This learning series is made up of lots of short lessons. Watch the tutorials in order, or go to to find the tutorial you’re looking for.

Lessons are organized first by Mixer window and then by section. Here’s what’s covered in this series:

  • Installing hardware and software
  • Setting up the mixer
  • Patching audio
  • Controlling everything about a channel
  • Using the Mixer window
  • Organizing sessions and scenes
  • Understanding delay groups and plugin compensation
  • Using external controllers

These videos and user guides are organized similarly and they cover pretty much the same material.

You can access the User Guides by clicking on the Waves logo in the upper right corner of the mixer interface. They provide you with in-depth information about installation, control ranges, compatibilities, and specifications.

There are other eMotion LV1 videos that provide more information, and tips and tricks from seasoned live engineers.

If you haven’t watched the Quick Start Video, you should watch it now. It addresses some issues about getting started that aren’t covered here.

Spend some time with this video tutorial series and you’ll learn about a new way of looking at live sound. We’re happy help you get the most out of your new eMotion LV1.