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eMotion LV1 Live Mixing Tips – 1: Setup & Drums


FOH engineers Ken 'Pooch' Van Druten (Jay Z, Linkin Park) and Val Gamarnik (A-WA) share the ins and outs of their eMotion LV1 live mixer workflows, with a track-by-track walk through Val’s channel strip processing for live drums.

Watch part 2 of this video series – eMotion LV1 Live Mixing Tip – 2: Vocals & Instruments.

Topics covered in this video:

  • LV1 input setup overview (0:58)
  • Mixing with DCA layers (1:31)
  • Overview of the eMo-series plugins (2:41)
  • Channel strip processing (4:23)
  • Live drum mixing with the eMotion LV1 (9:14)
  • LV1 Cue/Solo operation (10:05)

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