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Drum Mixing Tricks: Manipulate Pitch and Attack

May 24, 2018 | 187,154 Views

If your drums feel too thin, try this: Grammy-winning mixer Dave Darlington (Avicii, Sting) shows how he makes his drum mixes hit harder using two plugins: Torque to fine-tune drum pitch, Smack Attack to boost drum transients.

In this video you'll learn how to shape the sound of your drum tracks with extra detail and precision, including:

  • How to find and tune the fundamental note of a drum so that it fits in better with the rest of the tracks in a song
  • How to lengthen or shorten the sustain of drum hits
  • How to boost the attack of your drums to get that extra "thump"

Music: “Latin Waves” by Alberto Barrero
From the album Dibujos En El Camino