VENUE Downloads


If your console is online, Waves Central will notify you that there is a new version of Waves Central available.

However, until further notice, do NOT try to download or install the new version of Waves Central on your console. It is not ready to be used with your S6L console.

This means that if you want to install new Waves V11 software or activate Waves V11 licenses, you should wait until S6L-compatible versions of the new Waves Central and the Waves offline installer for S6L consoles are available. We will notify you when this happens, shortly.

In the meantime: To install Waves V10 software using the existing offline installer, please temporally disconnect the console from the internet. If you need to activate Waves V10 licenses, please do so on a separate computer with a USB flash drive.

Avid S6L running VENUE 6.1 or later

To download a S6L dedicated offline installer with SoundGrid Rack for VENUE and all compatible plugins, login here .

For complete installation instructions, see here.

If you're running Avid VENUE version 5.7 - 6.0, use SoundGrid Rack for VENUE V9.


What's new

V10 – October 23 2019

  • SoundGrid Rack for VENUE V10: Offline Installer including SoundGrid Rack for Venue now supports VENUE 6.2.

V10 – June 24 2019

  • Fixed: Bug that caused several Waves plugins (e.g. Waves Tune Real-Time, X-FDBK) running in SoundGrid applications to not pass audio or cause SoundGrid server disconnection and reconnection.
  • Fixed: Bug which caused long plugin scan and loading times on computers not connected to the internet, including longer session load times for MultiRack, SoundGrid Rack for Venue, and eMotion LV1.

V10 – February 14, 2019

  • Compatibility with Waves plugins V10, including Abbey Road Chambers, TRACT Sound System Calibration, PRS SuperModels, Abbey Road TG Mastering Chain, Sibilance, CLA MixHub.
  • Test Redundancy feature: When using a redundant SoundGrid Server, you can easily test your backup server to ensure that it is able to handle the session being processed by the main server; simply click the “Test Redundancy” button from the SoundGrid Server menu. This is especially important when the two servers are not identical.
  • Easily rescan licenses: If you’re preparing inserts and routing for a session without access to Waves licenses via a USB flash drive, plugins will load in a disabled state. The plugins won’t process audio, but you can assign inserts and load plugin presets. Once the licenses are connected, select “Rescan all disabled plugins” from SoundGrid Rack’s LOAD Menu and available plugins will be enabled.
  • Bug fixes.


Avid S6L running VENUE 5.7 - 6.0

For SoundGrid Rack for VENUE, SoundGrid Inventory and related downloads, please log in to download this dedicated offline installer .

Important: The current Offline Installer package includes a version of Waves Central that will require an update, and will not operate if your S6L is online. Currently we do not recommend updating the latest version of Central on VENUE S6L.

To install Waves to S6L:

  • Disconnect the console from the Internet
  • Prior to installation, activate your licenses to a USB flash drive, on an online computer as described in the installation instructions
  • Temporarily, activating licenses to your console is not possible. You’ll need to activate licenses to the USB flash drive, and leave the USB drive connected to the console

Important: Unzip offline installer on a Windows computer. For complete installation instructions, see here.

Download includes: SoundGrid Rack for VENUE, Waves Central, and all compatible plugins and bundles.