VENUE Downloads

Avid S6L running VENUE 5.7 or later

For SoundGrid Rack for VENUE, SoundGrid Inventory and related downloads, please log in to download this dedicated offline installer.

Important: The current Offline Installer package includes a version of Waves Central that will require an update, and will not operate if your S6L is online. Currently we do not recommend updating the latest version of Central on VENUE S6L.

To install Waves to S6L:

  • Disconnect the console from the Internet
  • Prior to installation, activate your licenses to a USB flash drive, on an online computer as described in the installation instructions
  • Temporarily, activating licenses to your console is not possible. You’ll need to activate licenses to the USB flash drive, and leave the USB drive connected to the console

Important: Unzip offline installer on a Windows computer. For complete installation instructions, see here.

Download includes: SoundGrid Rack for VENUE, Waves Central, and all compatible plugins and bundles.