Organic Resynthesis Logo Usage Guidelines

Download the Organic Resynthesis logo in high resolution for use in online and print marketing materials. Using the Organic Resynthesis logo requires adhering to the guidelines below.

If you have any question or special requirements, please contact our Marketing Team.
Organic Resynthesis Logo
Grid and Safe Area
The Organic Resynthesis logo should always appear in a readable size, with clear space around it and a contrasting background. The logo's grid-ratio must not be altered.
The Organic Resynthesis logo should appear with both symbol and typeface. Do not separate the elements. All resizing must be of consistent ratio — no skews, diagonal placing etc. Do not resize only one of the elements.

The Organic Resynthesis logo may appear in primary or secondary color format only — black and white — on a contrasting background. The logo should not appear in other colors, single-color, or strokes-only.

Attribution Required
You may use the Waves logo as long as you link it back to the relevant pages on whenever the Waves logo is used.