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DiGiCo Legacy

DiGiCo SD Consoles running SD V929 and earlier (Core 2 only)

For DiGiCo SD Consoles running SD V929 and earlier, download the All-In-One Waves-for-DiGiCo installer (version 4.0.5). The installer includes MultiRack SoundGrid V9.8 and SoundGrid Plugins V9.6. Use this installer to upgrade your console from Waves V7 /V8 /V9 to Waves V9.8, and for updating the DiGiCo offline editor on your PC.

  • MultiRack SG

    MultiRack SG

  • V9 SG Plugins

    V9 SG Plugins

April 3, 2017

  • The All-In-One Waves-for-DiGiCo installer (version 4.0.5) is compatible with SD consoles running Core 2 only, console versions 821, 822, 925 and 929.
  • MultiRack 9.8 for DiGiCo V821, 822, 925 and 929 supports Waves V9.6 plugins only.

MultiRack 9.8 for DiGiCo SD versions 821, 822, 925 and 929

What's New

MultiRack SoundGrid for DiGiCo V929 and earlier

April 3, 2017

Waves for DiGiCo installer version: 4.5
Installer file name: Waves_For_DiGiCo_r4.5.exe


  • MultiRack SoundGrid application v9.80.13.143 – bug fixes
  • SoundGrid Server firmware v9.7.99.109
  • DiGiCo SD Waves I/O firmware v9.7.91.2 (1.13.10)

February 20, 2017

Waves for DiGiCo installer version: 4.4
Installer file name: Waves_For_DiGiCo_r4.4.exe

New versions:

  • MultiRack SoundGrid application Version V9.80.13.116 - bug fixes and new plugins added (see below)
  • SoundGrid Server firmware version V9.7.99.109

October 9, 2016

Waves for DiGiCo installer version: 4.3
Installer file name: Waves_For_DiGiCo_r4.3.exe


  • MultiRack SoundGrid application Version V9.80.12.141
  • SoundGrid Server firmware version V9.7.99.48
  • DiGiCo SD Waves I/O firmware version (1.13.10)

V9.80.12.141 - October 5, 2016

  • Fixed crash on quit
  • Fixed I/O firmware update failures
  • New server software
  • Bug fixes

V9.80.12.62 - July 13, 2016

  • Surround support including up-mix and down-mix
  • New Global Tempo, synchronizing all tempo-based plugins to the same BPM
  • Bug fixes
  • Flexible Rack configuration
  • Removed the plugin manager. MultiRack now loads all plugin versions it finds
  • All SoundGrid servers: New firmware.
  • All SoundGrid servers: Bug fixes.
  • Momentary toggle controls are no longer stuck when double-tapped on Windows touch screens
  • SoundGrid Server: Improved internal CPU management mechanism
  • Improved responsiveness of toggle controls on touch screens
  • The Impulse Response library from previous installations is now moved to its current location in the Waves/Data folder
  • Fixed possible crashes on Windows systems with NVIDIA Quadro graphic cards
  • SoundGrid driver – Unicode install support

V9 SG Plugins

February 20, 2017

New plugins added:

  • Waves Tune Real-Time
  • Scheps Parallel Particles
  • Greg Wells ToneCentric
  • Abbey Road Vinyl
  • Primary Source Expander (PSE)

July 13, 2016

New plugins added:

  • Infected Mushroom Pusher
  • DTS Neural™ Mono2Stereo
  • DTS Neural™ Surround DownMix
  • DTS Neural™ Surround UpMix
  • X-FDBK
  • BSS DPR-402
  • Greg Wells MixCentric
  • Greg Wells VoiceCentric,
  • Greg Wells PianoCentric
  • eMo D5 Dynamics
  • eMo Q4 Equalizer
  • eMo F2 Filter
  • eMo Generator
  • Sub Align