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DirectOut Integrates SoundGrid in SG.MADI Converter

Dec 06, 2017

Waves has joined with German-based networking, routing and conversion specialist DirectOut Technologies to include Waves SoundGrid technology in DirectOut’s SG.MADI digital audio networking converter.

DirectOut Technologies is now shipping SG.MADI, an audio format converter that links MADI signals with Waves SoundGrid Audio-over-Ethernet. SoundGrid is a Layer 2-based network protocol offered by Waves, for Audio-over-Ethernet networking and real-time processing solutions for live, broadcast and music production facilities, to deliver uncompressed, multi-channel, low-latency digital audio over Ethernet networks.

DirectOut Technologies SG.MADI SoundGrid-to-MADI Converter

By using SG.MADI’s integrated network switch, integration of outboard equipment and redundant DAWs to a SoundGrid environment is simple. Working in large multi-stage venues, SG.MADI easily connects MADI to a SoundGrid network and to SoundGrid software or hardware, and works as a monitoring tool for all SoundGrid and MADI signals.

Housed in a robust 1U 19-inch casing, SG.MADI makes economical use of valued rack space. A headphone jack, including volume control, provides easy monitoring. There are two GPIs on the rear panel to integrate control signals via the network or MADI link, and the two GPOs can be individually configured for triggering system events or activating on-air or recording lights. It is also equipped with dual redundant power supplies, and both the MADI and network ports may be employed as dual redundant pairs with auto fail-over.

SG.MADI Features:

  • Connects MADI and SoundGrid consoles in multi-stage venues
  • Provides monitoring of SoundGrid and MADI signals
  • Links SoundGrid DSP Server with Waves plugins into a MADI environment
  • Integrates outboard equipment and DAWs to a SoundGrid environment
  • Offers remote control of external components via SoundGrid / MADI
  • Analog I/Os allow for immediate interfacing with the network audio and the MADI signal (Two microphone / line inputs with switchable phantom power and continuous gain for input signals from less than -55 dBu up to +24 dBu, two balanced line outputs, and headphone output)
  • Optical SC (single-mode or multi-mode), coaxial (BNC) and SFP
  • Mac Core Audio and Windows ASIO compatible
  • Selectable clock sources: Word clock, MADI, SoundGrid or the internal clock. The current system clock is provided at the word clock output at any time.

Video-graphical overview of the SG.MADI's features and controls: