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Dial in the Mix Sounds You Need FAST – OneKnob Series Tutorial

Jun 28, 2021 | 28,100 Views

When inspiration strikes, are you armed with tools to quickly produce the sounds in your head? Watch the creative power of the OneKnob plugins and hear the mix-ready results they absolutely nail with just a single dial!

Save energy, frustration and time setting up production-ready effects with Waves OneKnob Series, a bundle of 8 single-dial plugins that help producers get sounds they hear in their head down into a project fast with little to no fuss.

From sweetening EQ’s to creative filtering, gentle saturation to overdrive distortion, dynamics to reverb, Waves OneKnob Series has you covered. In this tutorial we demonstrate several OneKnob applications you can achieve in a mix simply by chaining two or more plugins together.

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 0:51 Making a mix pump and sound loud – OneKnob Pumper + Louder example
  • 1:52 Sweetening the highs and lows of a mix – OneKnob Brighter + Phatter example
  • 2:44 Get explosive sounding drums with space – OneKnob Pressure + Wetter example
  • 4:14 Get edge, character and easy filter sweeps - OneKnob Driver + Filter example
  • 5:36 Finalize a master with easy EQ and limiting – OneKnob Brighter, Phatter + Louder example
  • 6:29 How to make custom OneKnob plugin channel strips using StudioRack

Download Waves powerful StudioRack plugin chainer for free.