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Create Retro Lo-Fi VHS Synth Sound – Tutorial + Free Preset

Aug 30, 2018 | 36,978 Views

Watch how to create a retro 80s lo-fi VHS-sounding synth pad, just like those heard on recordings by Tycho, Boards of Canada, and Com Truise. Download the free preset for the Element 2.0 virtual analog synth, and give your track that retro vibe.

Download this free preset for the Element Virtual Analog Synth:

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To load this preset in the Element plugin menu:

  1. Download the file: ‘retro-lo-fi-vhs.zip’
  2. Extract the .XPS preset file from the zip folder
  3. Select ‘Load’
  4. ‘Open Preset File…’
  5. Find the location of the downloaded .XPS preset file ‘retro-lo-fi-vhs.xps’
  6. Select ‘retro-lo-fi-vhs.xps’
  7. Click ‘Open’

To save this preset in your menu:

  1. Select ‘Save’ in the Element plugin menu
  2. Select ‘Put into Preset Menu As…'
  3. Choose the existing name or a new preset name
  4. Hit ‘Ok’