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CR8 Creative Sampler – Getting Started


Elevate your sampling skills with these 5 fun and easy sampling tricks. This video will get you creating inspiring instruments FAST with the Waves CR8 Creative Sampler.

  • 0:50 Turn any sound into playable instruments
  • 2:09 Create more interesting 808s
  • 5:06 Building complex layered synths
  • 8:26 Get more flex out of drum loops
  • 10:47 Epic vocal chops & vocal effects

CR8 comes with the built-in Waves COSMOS AI-powered Sample Finder. COSMOS brings all the one-shots and loops on your hard drive into one easy-to-search place. It uses advanced Waves Neural Networks technology in order to analyze, auto-tag, and sort your entire collection of samples into one unified database where you can easily find everything.

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