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Waves Certification Program

Learn how to use Waves plugins in music production: program accompanying your school curriculum
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Learn How to Use Waves Plugins in Music Production


Sharpen your music production & mixing skills and get certified with Waves, with this training program accompanying your existing school curriculum.

  • Understand the nuts and bolts: Installation, types of plugins, and more
  • Study EQ, dynamics, delays, and reverb: Learn how to use industry-standard tools
  • Real-world applications: Not just tips and tricks but solid foundations
  • Hands-on tutorials: Practice with included Pro Tools sessions to sharpen your skills.
  • Test your knowledge with multiple-choice tests
  • Get your official Waves Certification
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Course Highlights

  • Learn the Tools of Your Trade

    Get to know fundamentals so you can make the most out of any plugin you come across. Study using plugins heard on Grammy-winning records.

    Features: Learn the Tools of Your Trade
  • The Art of EQ

    Find out how to use EQ and dynamic EQ with Waves’ legendary Q10 Equalizer and F6 Dynamic EQ. You will learn how to shape and control frequencies like a pro, unlocking the full potential of these industry-standard tools.

    Features: The Art of EQ
  • Using Analog Modeling the Right Way

    Elevate your mixes with authentic sound and powerful processing using the SSL E Channel Strip plugin. Learn the ins and outs of this industry-standard plugin model of this legendary console.

    Features: Using Analog Modeling the Right Way
  • Get Your Official Waves Certification

    Complete the course and all the included multiple-choice tests, and get your official Waves Certification.

    Features: Get Your Official Waves Certification
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