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The Essentials of Vocal Mixing

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What You’ll Learn
Learn to mix powerful vocals that will cut through a mix and sound phenomenal on any sound system.
  • COMPLETE LEAD VOCAL CHAIN Create great vocal mixes systematically
  • MAKE ROOM FOR VOCALS Find the perfect fit in the overall mix
  • BACKING VOCAL DO’S & DONT’SHelp the BV support the song
  • VOCAL RECORDING & PRE-MIX TIPSFrom mic selection to vocal comping
  • EFFECTIVE VOCAL MIXING TEMPLATECut mixing time with mix-ready templates
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More Than Videos

Test your knowledge and get an official Waves certification
Learn practical techniques via concise videos and plugins used in GRAMMY-winning hits
Practice what you learn hands on with complete multitrack sessions & templates
Course Highlights
Vocal Recording and Pre-Mix Techniques
Vocal Recording and Pre-Mix Techniques
Before we start mixing – it’s always good to start with a great vocal recording. Get tried-and-tested tips about mic selection, room acoustics, and even basic vocal warmup tips for the recording process. Plus, learn pre-mix comping and tuning techniques to make your mix process smoother.
Complete Chains for Lead & Backup Vocals
Mix vocals in a structured way: we cover a step-by-step method, from proper vocal gain staging, to techniques for adding warmth, presence and attitude to lead vocals, to the do’s and dont’s of mixing multiple backing vocal tracks.
Complete Chains for Lead & Backup Vocals
Placing Vocals in the Rest of the Mix
Placing Vocals in the Rest of the Mix
Learn to make room for your vocals without compromising the rest of the mix: create the perfect fit between vocal tracks and the overall mix, with dynamic sidechaining techniques and time-based effects.
The Waves Vocal Mixing Template
The Waves Vocal Mixing Template
Practice hands on, and save precious time when mixing vocals, with the included vocal mixing template for Pro Tools, Logic, Ableton Live, Cubase and Studio One – preconfigured with all routings and the entire vocal plugin chain.
Get Your Waves Vocal Mixing Certificate
Get Your Waves Vocal Mixing Certificate
Complete the course and all the included multiple-choice tests, and get your official Waves Education Certificate for The Essentials of Vocal Mixing.
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