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SoundGrid 301: Advanced Training

Learn how to operate a Waves SoundGrid system more effectively, including troubleshooting basics.
Prerequisites: SoundGrid 101 and 201.

Gain a deeper understanding of the building blocks of a Waves SoundGrid audio processing and networking system, so you can operate it more effectively, and learn troubleshooting basics.
You Will Learn
  • I/O SHARINGLearn how I/O sharing works in a SoundGrid system, and how it affects the system’s clocking
  • SOUNGRID NETWORK CAPACITYKnow and master the math around a SoundGrid system’s maximum channel capacity
  • TROUBLESHOOTING BASICSA technical guide to help you resolve issues in your SoundGrid system.
More Than Videos
Watch the videos (18 min) and read the included texts
Answer the multiple choice test at the end of the course
Pass the test and receive your SoundGrid 301 certificate