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SoundGrid 201: In-Depth Training

Learn in depth about Waves SoundGrid systems for real-time audio processing and networking in the studio and live.
Prerequisite: SoundGrid 101

With the real-time power of Waves SoundGrid, you can mix plugin-rich sessions, record with plugins in real time, mix live shows in low latency with your favorite studio tools, and easily network all your software and hardware.
You Will Learn
  • SOUNDGRID SYSTEM COMPONENTSA deeper look at the software and hardware you need to run a SoundGrid system
  • CLOCKING IN SOUNDGRIDHow to manage clock settings in a SoundGrid system and how its Sync-Over-Ethernet protocol works
  • NETWORKING & LOW LATENCYWhich cables and switches to use in a SoundGrid system, and how latency is calculated in SoundGrid
More Than Videos
Watch the videos (18 min) and read the included texts (20 min reading time)
Answer the multiple choice test at the end of the course
Pass the test and receive your SoundGrid 201 certificate