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Copy Plugins, Chains and Presets to StudioRack

Dec 20, 2015 | 28,624 Views

In this video tutorial you will learn how to use the copy/paste feature of Waves plugins in order to move plugins, chains and presets from DAW inserts to the Waves StudioRack plugin chainer or to Waves apps and mixers (MultiRack, the eMotion ST mixer, the eMotion LV1 live mixer).

To use this feature, open a Waves plugin in your DAW of choice, go to the plugin’s “Save” menu, select “Copy Preset," and paste to StudioRack or to your selected Waves host or mixer.

The process allows you to:

  1. Free up Inserts in your DAW.
  2. Easily move plugin presets and chains between StudioRack sessions.
  3. Use StudioRack (as part of a SoundGrid system) to offload your CPU processing to a SoundGrid server.
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