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Commercial Audio

Improve Installed Audio Quality In Multi Zone Retail

Easily Deployed Solutions For Multi-Zone Retail Sites

Dramatically improve audio playback quality and enhance announcement mic speech intelligibility – with professionally curated, easily configured DSP solutions, ready to go in AV installations with ASIO audio interfaces or Dante®.

  • Create a balanced audio atmosphere throughout all zones
  • Enhance audio playback quality from any source
  • Improve speech intelligibility without loss of tonality
Pristine Audio Solutions For Any System Requirements

This solution guide describes practical implementations of Waves Commercial Audio products in a multi-zoned retail space, to improve audio quality and clarity throughout the store.

Waves CA systems integrate easily into new or existing AV installations with ASIO audio interfaces or Dante®. Download the guide to see examples.

The Waves Difference Post-Installation
  • Balanced audio atmosphere throughout the store
  • Automatic mic feedback suppression
  • Improved speech intelligibility without loss of tonality
  • Automated music ducking control for paging or announcements
  • Audio presets for handheld and headset microphones
  • Automatic leveling for playback units (MP3 player, Aux cables, etc.)
  • Background noise reduction on all mic inputs
  • Reduce number of tech calls with locked in settings
Easily Implemented. Unmatched Results.

Waves CA presets are easy to use right out of the box for superior results. They can also be quickly adjusted and optimized for custom performance in any installation.

  • Waves CA3000

    Waves CA3000-MX

    Install-ready audio mixer and processing engine for up to 32 stereo input channels. Delivers stellar sound quality for a wide range of single-room and multi-zone AV installations using ASIO or Dante® I/O devices. Rugged industrial design in a 2U half-width chassis.

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