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Commercial Audio

Dramatically improve audio playback quality and speech intelligibility with professionally curated solutions, ready to go in ASIO- or Dante®-based AV installations

  • Easily customize and lock-in professional processing chains to solve common audio challenges
  • Simple to deploy in ASIO- or Dante®-based AV installations with your choice of mics, amplifiers, speakers, etc.
  • Includes professionally curated presets for improving playback quality, speech clarity, streaming & more
  • Integrates in single- or multi-zone designs, with up to 64x64 channel audio processing
Make The Room The Best It Ever Sounded

Waves Commercial Audio provides professionally curated, easily operated audio mixing and processing solutions, enabling AV system integrators and installers to deliver superior sound quality for a wide array of corporate, commercial, government, educational, entertainment, sports, and House of Worship installations.

Waves CA Products

Waves CA products are high-quality commercial audio mixing & DSP engines. Each product is a single-box software-plus-hardware turn-key solution featuring premium Waves plugins, with professionally pre-configured, integrator-ready audio processing presets:

  • Enhance audio playback quality
  • Improve speech intelligibility without loss of tonality
  • Automatically suppress mic feedback
  • Reduce background noise and improve sound quality for handheld, lavalier, head-worn and gooseneck mics
  • Provide optimized audio feeds for online program streaming
  • Control system scenes remotely with mRecall mobile app
  • Waves CA3000

    Waves CA3000-MX

    Install-ready audio mixer and processing engine for up to 32 stereo input channels. Delivers stellar sound quality for a wide range of single-room and multi-zone AV installations using ASIO or Dante® I/O devices. Rugged industrial design in a 2U half-width chassis.

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Waves Audio is the world-leading, Tech Grammy®-winning developer of digital audio enhancement solutions for audio professionals and audio consumers worldwide.