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Clarity Vx Quick Tip: Dealing with Disruptive Background Voices

May 23, 2022 | 18,479 Views

Sometimes it’s not noise that’s disrupting dialogue, but background voices. Learn how to use Clarity Vx’s two neural networks to cleanly remove or preserve these secondary voices.

This entire process is identical in Clarity Vx Pro.

Clarity Vx is a groundbreaking AI-powered noise removal plugin, tailored specifically for vocal and voice recordings. It’s the highest-quality and the fastest, simplest way to clean your vocals from background noise and prepare them for any mix, production, podcast or video.

Powered by Waves Neural Networks®, Clarity Vx is optimized with a simple interface to guarantee the best results with zero learning curve: impeccably clean vocals – no artifacts, no damage to the performance – AND results in seconds.