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Chris Lord-Alge: How to Mix with CLA MixHub

Jan 24, 2019 | 180,902 Views

Watch Grammy-winning mixer Chris Lord-Alge demonstrate how he uses the CLA MixHub plugin to mix a song. In this video, Chris shows how the plugin is set up and how it translates his seamless analog console workflow to in-the-box mixing.

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In this video:
1:12 – Parts & Features
2:25 – The Four Bucket Views of CLA MixHub
2:39 – Drums Bucket: Kick & Snare
3:24 – CLA Tip: Equal Mix Treatment
4:24 – CLA’s Bucket Setup
6:09 – Vocals Bucket: Workflow Demo

Music: “The Jester” by Badflower
Written by Badflower
Produced by Noah Shain