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Video Sound Suite

Improve the sonic quality of video productions
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Add a Pro Audio Touch to Your Videos

A recent USC study showed that audio quality influences whether people believe what they hear in a video. These essential audio plugins integrate seamlessly into all major video editing software programs—so they can improve not only your productions’ audio quality, but their credibility.

Elevate your video productions with plugins that handle the most common audio needs: reduce noise, control dynamic range, increase intelligibility, cut excessive sibilance, and add ambience.

  • Real-time editing—no rendering required to hear the results
  • Improve dialogue with 10-band EQ, compressor, and de-esser
  • Give productions punch and power by maximizing audio levels
  • Reduce background noise for additional clarity
  • Ideal for processing real-time, streaming video
  • Place productions in synthesized acoustic spaces with IR-L Reverb
  • Use the same plugins as movie and game audio professionals
  • Clean up and improve podcasts derived from videos