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Repair damaged audio and reduce artifacts with 5 audio restoration plugins
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Now You Really Can Fix It In the Mix

It’s unavoidable: clicks, crackles, noise, and hum sneak into your audio. Luckily, Restoration offers a streamlined toolset to revive damaged recordings, rejuvenate old vinyl and shellac discs, protect archives, fix deteriorating film and television soundtracks, and clean up live and field recordings.

To bring audio back to life—or clean up sounds for post-production, podcasts, or remixes—Restoration bundles essential repair tools into a convenient, all-in-one audio cleaning solution.

  • Reduce computer noise, tape hiss, and constant artifacts with X-Noise
  • Clean surface noise and other low-level crackling with X-Crackle
  • Clear clicks and spikes with X-Click: from vinyl clicks to digital clocking
  • Remove hum from sensitive audio recordings with X-Hum
  • Profile unwanted sound and remove it surgically with Z-Noise
  • Spectral displays and meters show artifact attenuation
  • Monitor cleaned audio, or just the audio being removed
  • Profile-based processes include “learn” modes to identify artifacts