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Pro Show

Over 150 plugins bring innovation to live sound production
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Pro Plugins for the Best-Sounding Pro Shows

Pro Show doesn’t hold back on quality or versatility: over 150 plugins cover vintage and modern dynamics and equalization, processors optimized for voice and instruments, mind-blowing special effects, enhancers, Artist Signature Series, utilities…if it’s not here, you probably don’t need it.

The stakes for live sound have never been higher, nor have the needs ever been more demanding. Pro Show handles it all—rock, pop, hip hop, country, dance—with depth and style.

  • Compatible with the eMotion LV1 mixer and all other major consoles
  • The most complete live sound plugin package, bar none
  • Add classic studio gear (SSL, API, more) to your live mixes
  • Plugins ranging from problem solvers to creative vocal effects
  • Solve problems—suppress noise, de-ess, fix phase, cut feedback
  • Enhance lows, highs, levels, clarity, and everything in between
  • Optimize tracks with dedicated plugins for specific instruments
  • Delivers cutting-edge sounds, like voice bending and formant shifting

Make Creative Technology Part of Your Mix

  • Sculpt Live Sound with Surgical Precision

    Live sound can be a rollercoaster ride. Keep it under control and mix confidently, with powerful tools optimized specifically for live sound. From the F6 Dynamic EQ to the C6 Multiband Compressor to Scheps Omni Channel and beyond, these tools are proven to handle anything you throw at them.

    Features: Glue Mixes without “Squashing”
  • Mix with Classic Analog-Modeled Studio Gear

    Bring that classic, warm analog mixer sound with the SSL 4000 and API Collections, CLA-2A and CLA-76, Scheps 73, the V-series vintage EQs and compressor, and the H-series plugins—Delay, Compressor, Reverb, and EQ—that blend analog vibe with digital precision.

  • Solve Live Sound Problems Before They Even Arise

    Pro Show includes a wealth of plugins developed to solve live sound nightmares: Eliminate feedback before it even happens, remove mic bleed, align problematic subs, and much more.

    Features: Fast and Efficient Operation
  • Mix Pristine Live Vocals. Add Creative Vocal Effects.

    Pro Show is a treasure trove of vocal processors. Start with Renaissance Vox, the go-to vocal compressor. Tame “s” sounds with the AI of Sibilance. Auto-ride levels with Vocal Rider. Add vocal harmonies with Waves Harmony. Correct pitch with Waves Tune Real-Time. Recreate studio effects with Vocal Bender. Then choose from 4 reverbs… the list goes on.

    Features: From Vocals to “The Ringo Drum Sound”
  • Achieve Larger-than-Life Power

    Need to add power? You got it. Maxx the bass, pound the subs, boost the transients, and torque your drums. Then, maximize the output for level and clarity with Waves’ acclaimed, industry-standard L-series Maximizer plugins.

    Features: Multiple Modes Fit Different Material
  • Mix with the Effects of Star Engineers

    Hire the best assistants in the business, thanks to the Artist Signature Series effects from Chris Lord-Alge, Tony Maserati, Eddie Kramer, Greg Wells, Jack Joseph Puig, Manny Marroquin, Andrew Scheps, and Butch Vig.

    Features: Precision Modeled Transformers