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Power Pack

Inspiring core collection for mixing and mastering
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Start Your Plugin Journey with these Waves Favorites

Many engineers and producers would nominate these as “desert island” plugins—so start here, and find out why so many pros choose Waves. This compelling package includes all the essentials: dynamics, ambience, maximization, delay, equalization, stereo imaging, de-essing, and more.

Whether for mixing or mastering, these plugins form the core of a signal processing suite that adds power to your productions with immaculate sound quality, flexible functionality, and ease of use.

  • Q10 10-band paragraphic equalizer offers sophisticated tone-shaping
  • Compress, expand, gate, and equalize with the C1 Compressor
  • Renaissance Axxe optimizes dynamics for guitar, bass, keys
  • Tame vocal sibilance problems with the DeEsser
  • Choose convolution and/or algorithmic reverb for ambience
  • Give masters punch and definition with the L1 Maximizer
  • Enhance stereo separation and imaging with the S1 Stereo Imager
  • SuperTap Delay and Doubler add echoes and multiply parts
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