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OneKnob Series

8 plugins optimized for speed and simplicity
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Focus on the Music—and Stay Inspired


Inspiration has no patience. The OneKnob Series knows that, and is designed so you can dial up the effect you want in seconds. The interface’s elegant simplicity belies each effect’s versatility—one knob controls multiple parameters simultaneously, to morph seamlessly among various sounds.

Whether you want fat, loud, ambient, bright, filtered, squeezed, pumped, or saturated, the OneKnob series delivers the effects you need—before inspiration has a chance to slip away.

  • Pump your track with the beat with OneKnob Pumper’s instant sidechain ducking effect
  • Create quick filter sweeps on loops, instruments or full mixes with OneKnob Filter
  • Boost the low end with OneKnob Phatter’s big, weighty, powerful bass
  • Make any track brighter instantly with OneKnob Brighter, the smart treble booster
  • Saturate with OneKnob Driver—from light overdrive to full-on distortion
  • Add instant reverb with OneKnob Wetter—from light ambience to big, dark spaces
  • Compress with OneKnob Pressure, from taming peaks to heavy-duty squashing
  • Make your music jump out of the speakers with OneKnob Louder’s clean power
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