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OneKnob Series

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Produce classic sounds quickly and powerfully with these 8 single-knob plugins, including filter, reverb, distortion, compression, bass boost, treble boost, auto-sidechaining and brick-wall limiting effects.

As musicians, producers and mixers, we never know when inspiration will strike. And when it does, we want to bring that sound we have in our head into reality as soon as possible.

The Waves OneKnob Series is designed for this purpose. Its wide array of plugins allows you to achieve classic studio tones and effects in an accurate, efficient manner, so you can focus on the music and not get caught up on the technicalities.

The series includes:

  • OneKnob Brighter, an intelligent treble booster, perfect for brightening up a track to make it cut through the mix.
  • OneKnob Phatter, a bass booster that adds bottom-end, weight and body to bass, keys, kick drums and vocals alike, thickening them in the mix.
  • OneKnob Filter, for the mixing room and DJ booth, a powerful sweepable filter with switchable resonance modes, perfect for full mixes, loops, analog synths and more.
  • OneKnob Pressure, a versatile dynamics processor, ideal for percussive sources like loops and drum busses achieving everything from light parallel-style compression to heavy squashing.
  • OneKnob Louder, a combination of peak limiting and low-level compression with automatic makeup effectively making tracks louder, increasing RMS by up to 24 dB.
  • OneKnob Driver, inspired by famous guitar overdrive pedals. Capable of light overdrive to full-on distortion, and sounds great on guitars, vocals, synths, drums and more.
  • OneKnob Pumper, designed for achieving an instant ducking effect simulating sidechain compression, ideal for making your entire mix and individual tracks pump with the beat.
  • OneKnob Wetter, instant ambience and reverb for vocals, drums and more. From short, bright ambiences that are felt more than heard, to longer, darker reverb spaces, quickly create a perfect atmosphere.
  • 8 powerful, intuitive plugins each controlled by a single knob
  • Includes filter, reverb, distortion, compression, bass boost, treble boost, brick-wall limiting and auto-sidechaining/pumping effects
  • Easy-to-use, delivering high-quality, quick results