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Musicians 2

Music creation plugins for voice, instruments, and mixing
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Core Plugins Simplify Music Creation and Mixing

Musicians 2 provides popular tools for all instruments, whether for live performance or mixing in the studio. Optimize punch and dynamics for voice, guitar, and bass. Double-track, thicken, and shimmer with Doubler. Intensify productions with SuperTap’s multitap, tape-style delay.

Mix with Renaissance Compressor—the gold standard for smooth compression—and Renaissance Equalizer’s six bands of flexible EQ. Musicians 2 is the fast, economical way to enhance your music.

  • Flatter all vocals with Renaissance Vox’s optimized compressor
  • R-EQ’s multiple filter curves and warm sound are ideal for mixing
  • Real-time analyzer gives useful insights into your audio
  • R-Comp includes internal brickwall limiter and parallel compression
  • Optimize compression for guitar and bass with Renaissance Axxe
  • SuperTap’s multitap delays add echo-based spaces and rhythms
  • Doubler gives double, triple, and quadruple-tracking effects
  • Low latency makes these plugins suitable for studio or stage