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50 essential plugins infuse live sound with studio effects
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Bring Sophisticated Studio Effects to the Stage

Live gives audiences what they demand: live performances with the same depth and refinement as studio recordings. These plugins have been carefully selected in consultation with live sound engineers to provide the most useful, effective, and creative processing for all concert situations.

Whether solving problems by using plugins like de-essers, riding gain on vocals automatically, adding effects to wow the crowd, controlling dynamics, or creating space, Live has what you need.

  • Tame dynamics with multiband and linear-phase compression
  • Ride vocal levels automatically with Vocal Rider
  • Enjoy analog sound quality when mixing with modern digital mixers
  • Tame harsh vocals with three types of de-essers
  • Choose from a rich variety of EQ—vintage, surgical, and linear phase
  • Four types of maximizers give big, punchy sound quality
  • Boost low-end power psychoacoustically with MaxxBass
  • Includes mix bus enhancers for exciting, sparkling mixes
  • Special effects include doubling, doppler, flanging, and more
  • Enhance stereo imaging, and control transients
  • Create space with reverbs, and rhythms with delays
  • Channel strips and eMo live-oriented plugins speed workflow
  • No more miking fussy guitar amps, thanks to high-quality amp sims
  • Run diagnostics with signal generator and PAZ Analyzer