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4 hybrid plugins: Analog behavior meets digital precision
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Analog Sound and Behavior Meet Digital Precision


Although analog sound quality is revered, the limitations—like inconsistency and inflexibility—are frustrating. But now, you can have it all: the H-Series combines Waves’ unmatched expertise in analog modeling, with the complete flexibility of digital.

Each H-Series processor spans the range from the nostalgic sounds of the past, to the immaculate clarity of today’s high-resolution technology—and always has an unmistakable analog character.

  • Familiar, analog-style interfaces and controls
  • Digital modeling adds versatility to established analog technology
  • Includes compression, reverb, equalization, and delay
  • Choose whether to include analog’s sonic quirks
  • BPM sync for delay, compressor release, several reverb parameters
  • MIDI Learn encourages hands-on, creative control—like analog gear
  • For a true analog “feel,” these even model analog control tapers
  • Stunning presets from world-class engineers showcase the H-Series
Watch It in Action

Add Soulful Sonic Effects and Variety to Digital Productions

  • H-Delay: Your Delay Effects Laboratory

    H-Delay has the tools to emulate all popular delay-based effects, past and present, from funky to clean. They’re all here: Lush guitar chorusing, tape-delay vocals, vibrato—even crazy feedback effects from ’50s sci-fi movies.

    Features: Glue Mixes without “Squashing”
  • H-Reverb: The Swiss Army Knife Verb

    Classic or contemporary? Let’s do both. H-Reverb marries the sweetness and editability of algorithmic reverb with the precise, real-world sound of convolution technology—then folds in delay, de-essing, and ducking effects.

  • H-EQ: 7 Bands from Vintage to Surgical

    No other plugin offers 7 different console characters, from US and UK vintage to modern digital, for individual EQ bands. With different analog colors, mid-side operation, and included spectrum analyzer, this EQ does it all.

    Features: Fast and Efficient Operation
  • H-Comp: Compression with the Charm of Tubes

    H-Comp combines the enduring sound of tubes, transformers, and transistors with modern, precise compression. Add punch, do parallel compression, and choose from four distinct analog personalities—or none.

    Features: From Vocals to “The Ringo Drum Sound”