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4 plugins for live sound basics: Dynamics, de-essing, delay, reverb
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For Better Live Sound, Start Here

Genesis is your starting point for high-quality live sound. Solve dynamics and equalization problems with the C4 Multiband Compressor, let the Renaissance DeEsser tame annoying vocal sibilants, add space and atmosphere with Renaissance Reverb, and use H-Delay to create depth and movement.

  • Use C4 multiband compression on master bus or individual channels
  • Sculpt vocal frequency and dynamics response
  • In smaller venues, add ambience and depth with reverb
  • DeEsser improves vocal quality by controlling “ess” and “shh” sounds
  • Reinforce beats and percussion with rhythmic delays
  • For bigger sounds, double vocals and instruments with H-Delay
  • 12 realistic, high-density reverb emulations in the R-Verb
  • Compatible with all major live sound mixing platforms
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