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Forensics Package

Identify, secure, and restore crucial audio recordings
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Formidable Tools for Audio Forensic Labs

These are the plugins international forensics expert Phil Manchester uses to help crack the tough cases. His work with law enforcement covers national security, counter-terrorism, kidnapping, drug trafficking, and other serious criminal offenses that demand comprehensive forensic audio tools.

With noise reduction, EQ, artifact removal, compression, analysis, and the ability to focus on low-level signals, this advanced plugin collection helps reveal the hidden secrets of covert audio.

  • Designed in collaboration with forensics expert Phil Manchester
  • Multiband noise reduction reduces ambient noise
  • 10 bands of precision equalization isolate and focus audio
  • Spectral noise reduction identifies unwanted sound, then removes it
  • Reduce clicks, pops, crackles, and hum from low-fidelity recordings
  • PAZ Analyzer helps pinpoint artifacts and similar problem
  • Dynamic processors bring up difficult-to-hear sounds
  • Real-time operation speeds the analysis workflow