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Broadcast and Surround Suite

Industry-standard plugins for surround broadcast and streaming
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Industry-standard Tools for Broadcasting and Streaming in Surround

The Broadcast and Surround Suite includes high-end tools to ensure a smooth, engaging, highly professional mix for TV, radio, and streaming productions.

The suite includes all plugins from the Waves 360° Surround Collection, including 5.1 tools for compression, limiting, reverb, spatial enhancement, and subharmonic generation; all Waves DTS® Neural™ Surround plugins for surround upmixing and downmixing; WNS and NS1 real-time noise suppressors; the WLM and Dorrough precision loudness meters; and more.

  • State-of-the-art tools for broadcast stereo and surround sound
  • Surround compressors, limiters, imaging, reverb plugins & more
  • Precision loudness measurement for stereo and surround
  • Surround upmixing and downmixing plugins

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